The Set-Up! by Jonathan Blaine Lucas

It’s been said to me many times that there is something magical about putting a pen to paper and just writing: that the tangled mess in one’s head must unravel to form a coherent sentence; that one can get clarity on answer that has eluded him; or maybe it’s just that taking a minute to stop the futile attempt to check off the boxes of a to-do list that seems to grow like kudzu.

I do journal on my own and I find that it does just these things. While a blog is not “pen to paper,” it does serve the above and hopefully, will allow me to take a moment, stop the rat race, and reflect on the goings on around us. Others at this firm may choose to write solely about politics – so expect that too.

I spend much of my days – sometimes too much of my days – in the world of politick. Precisely because of that, I intend to use this forum, not to pick apart Mr. McCrory and his latest snafu, the irony of a Politician first elected in 1986 (when I was 4) launching an effort to “Take North Carolina Back,” or our Jolly former Pittsboro Mayor who…it’s not even worth it.

In college, one of my favorite professors used to love teaching “stream of consciousness” writing. This technique essentially being, take a deep breath, exhale, and let whatever is knocking around the zoo upstairs, come out in words. This blog will be my effort to do just that. I seriously doubt that it will be of much interest to anyone, but I hope at some level it may be cathartic or at least elicit a laugh.

In that spirit, I look forward to shining light on such things as my personal theory of Greg Fishel and the bread and milk people operating in collusion and the inexplicable reasoning of a renters’ insurance company with 3.5 years of my monthly premiums, upon my submission of a claim of $4,880.00 for a break-in, calculating the numbers such that I almost owe them!! Has to be Obama’s fault.

In all seriousness – I intend to talk about that which is important to me on any given day. It will often be comments and writings of Faith and Spirit, maybe politics, HOPEFULLY fishing, as that will mean I have been, but mostly policies that work and those that do not. Our citizens are not being served. It is our politics but it’s not – it’s our lack of leadership. I don’t write this to say I have all the answers, but I also will not write just to complain.

So Jonathan Blaine Lucas’s Stream of Consciousness is forthcoming! (I should probably be sure to say that all content written here is mine and does not reflect on Summit’s clients.) Cheers!