Summit Consulting Group

About Summit Consulting Group

Summit Consulting Group, LLC., is the culmination of Jonathan Lucas’ years of developing and cultivating relationships, his pursuing of higher education and ultimately his passion for policy.

After working in politics for years, Lucas realized that politics are empty without an understanding and devotion to effective policy.  Governor Hunt once said, “At the end of the day, it’s the ideas that matter.  If you have the better ideas, you will win.”  Unfortunately, this tenet no longer carries the day.

While in law school, Lucas developed his understanding and passion for policy.  In his concentrated studies of the U.S. Constitution and his work with Business Forward, he was exposed to our country’s ideals on one hand and the realities of what our politics have created on the other.  In building and moderating countless events pertaining to all areas of public policy, Lucas experienced this fundamental disconnect between what is and what should be.  These ideals are not partisan – they are fair, just and transcend the bickering of the day.

Consequently, Summit was born.  Summit’s mission is to effectuate balanced policy that serves the people of North Carolina and our country.  Inherent in this mission are all the services Summit provides.  While our system currently does not always abide by Governor Hunt’s statement, Summit’s philosophy does.  We work with candidates, corporations, non-profits, and any other entity that is in the business of serving the people.  We build relationships and we work hard.  We get one shot at this life and Summit is committed to endeavors that will be the impetus for the effective policy our citizens deserve.